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The 15th Veria International Guitar Festival (2020 edition) will take place at the state-of-the-art multitasking cultural centres of Horos Tehnon and Antoniadeios Stegi in April 22-25, 2020. Soloists, composers and professors, orchestras and conductors, students and young guitarists, luthiers and friends of the classical guitar will meet at its concerts, competitions, exhibitions and lectures.
Highlight of the 15th VIGF, is the Final Round of the Guitar Concerto Competition which will be conducted in the excellent acoustics Concert Hall of Horos Tehnon.The finalists present great guitar concertos by Joaquin Rodrigo and Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco.

Guitar Concerto Competition
Solo Guitar Competition
Composition Competition

Judicael Perroy (FRA)
Lukasz Kuropaszewski (POL)
Gabriel Bianco (FRA)
Alexis Mouzourakis (GR)
Susana Prieto (ES)
More to follow

Judicael Perroy (FRA)
Lukasz Kuropaszewski (POL)
Gabriel Bianco (FRA)
Duo Melis: Susana Prieto (ES)-Alexis Mouzourakis (GR)
More to follow

Artists in residence
Duo Melis

Orchestra in residence
Athens Youth Symphony Orchestra-ASON
Conductor: Pavlos Sergiou

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