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The 16th Veria International Guitar Festival will take place at Antoniadeios Stegi in December 15 - 17, 2023. It will feature recitals by top artists, guitar competitions to be judged by important representatives of the music world leading to prizes of high significance, as well as master classes addressed to both soloists and guitar duos.


  • Solo Guitar Competition
  • Guitar Duo Competition



  • Lukasz Kuropaczewski (POL)
  • Alexis Mouzourakis (GRE)
  • Judicael Perroy (FRA)
  • Susana Prieto (ESP)



  • Judicael Perroy (FRA)
  • Lukasz Kuropaczewski (POL)
  • Duo Melis, Susana Prieto (ESP) – Alexis Mouzourakis (GRE) 
  • ArtGuitaristas, Students ensemble of the Conservatory of KEPA of the Municipality of Veria                         


Artists in residence

Duo Melis

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